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Are You New to Office Relocations or Reconfigurations?

Are You New to Office Relocations or Reconfigurations?

Based on market data from, over 70% of the persons assigned to manage the office relocation are doing it for the first time. In addition, they are still supposed to be responsible for their current duties. My guess would be that companies at the least look for the most organized and competent individual to handle this process, but…if you have never done this before it can be a daunting task.

Most of the time this individual is not part of picking and leasing or buying the new space, but given the task of making sure the new space is ready to receive current staff and assets and is fully functional when the transition happens.

Many people seem to have the impression of moving that is very simple, we just need some strong guys and trucks and it is no big deal. Yet effective logistics and movement if not done properly can make a relocation a nightmare. The goal is usually to minimize your downtime.

Years ago I was bidding on a very large project to move a large Medicare contract facility. Unfortunately, I was not aware they were a government contractor and the bid was going to the lowest priced provider and therefore did not win the project. In the market area I was in, our company was the only one that had all the right equipment and manpower to handle this size of a project. I was shocked when I found out who had won this job. This entire company needed to be moved out on a Friday night and back up and operational by Monday morning. Although most everything was moved, the lack of proper procedures left them inoperable for weeks after the “move”. “I told you so”, doesn’t pay the bills, and sometimes makes you feel better, but in the end their actual cost due to the ineffective logistics cost them tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, damage and delays.

Bottom-line, it’s not as easy as it might seem. If the company is expanding, this might add the requirement of buying new furniture in addition to a move. Because of this, many times to keep a consistent flow, all the furniture is new. So what about the furniture? Do you have to hire a separate installation crew just for the furniture or is the moving company capable of both? With modular furniture the data, phone and electrical are usually integrated into the system. Now you have to hire, low voltage and or network people to make sure all is set for the new location. Electricians are required to disconnect powered panel systems, and also reconnect.

What about the space planning and design layout for the new facility? How does somebody with no experience in all of these become a primary coordinator and decision maker in all of these yet still manage their daily responsibilities? Who are they relying on to understand how to make sure that the new building will support their network infrastructure? If they are expanding, has this been considered and planned for, or is hope their plan? Are they coordinating with their own internal IT team or is this all of this being contracted out.

Most people these days, when asked to take on something they have never done before or learn about something new, will go to the internet for their information. Although you can get some good information, without experience, making good evaluations of various source and knowing how to provide direction can still be a challenge. does have a lot of free resources and checklist to help with this process, but having an experienced professional who understands all the issues that surround a relocation transition is still your most valuable resource.

The biggest advantage that Reliant brings to this process is the coordination of all these resources through one company. No longer do you have to work separately with a myriad of vendors. With one call, all these resources are at your fingertips.

So if you are new to office relocations and or reconfigurations, just make one call and we will walk you through the whole process.


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