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Project Description


The relocation of a major broadcasting company which housed KING5, KONG, NWCN & New Day Northwest was primarily challenging due to timing and, a transition from a building they had occupied for over 60 years going from 200,000 sq. ft. to a new space of only about 55,000 sq. ft. The relocation itself was primarily computers and content with assistance in moving broadcast and electronic equipment in a timely manner. In addition we provided layout and design services to support the decommissioning of all remaining furniture with a large portion going to support a new station in Texas. We provided purge and shred services to help clean out 60 years of no longer needed items. A full pack, removal and storage of archive tape, film and documents and finished the project with complete decommissioning of all remaining furniture and equipment. The move took place over the course of 6 weeks in 5 phases with 2 months of preplanning project management to support staff preparation.

Reliant Group, Inc