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Westley Contract Services

Westley Contract Services

Project Description

wcsWorking directly with Westley Contract Services out of Atlanta, GA, our team spent a week of after-hours support to receive, unpack, place and help install all furniture for the new Delta Sky Club at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. This project shows some of our versatility in that it relied on our team of TSA/Port of Seattle badged employees to work in the secured area of the Airport to include escorting members of the Westley team and trucks delivering product. All work had to be accomplished at non-peak hours as it involved our need to drive our trucks in the secure area to the gates to be part of the transport as well as removal of all debris. In addition, the construction was not quite fully complete, yet due to deadlines we needed to still make sure the product was delivered and installed. This required extra safety precautions as well as additional handling, but all in all, a very nice project.

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