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Over the past year or so, many businesses have gone through a great number of changes. The pandemic changed the way we do things, and remote working became the norm in many industries. The problem business owners now face, as the country reopens, is how to entice people who’ve gotten comfortable working from their kitchens that coming back to the office will benefit them. The new office experience must be something different than what we’ve done in the past, with the office being an amenity in and of itself. How can you accomplish that? Overhauling your corporate facilities requires expert building design and construction.

As a business owner, how do you get started? The first step in reimagining your corporate facilities is considering your employees’ priorities. According to recent research, people are beginning to prioritize their health more than in the past. They’re preparing healthier meals, spending more time with their pets, and generally caring for their minds, bodies, and souls. Savvy business owners will look for ways to tailor the modern workplace to their staff members as individuals, creating a work experience that meets their needs.

Another factor that must be a part of your building design is advanced technology. Offices in the post-COVID world must be adaptable, able to seamlessly accommodate those working from the office and those who work remotely. What’s more, to entice people into the office, it needs to feel more like working remotely. Going forward, corporate facilities management will require an understanding of technology-based meetings and collaborative spaces, as well as the importance of company culture and social connection.

To accomplish these goals and make the workspace more vibrant and viable, business owners will have to think outside the box, going beyond simple building design software into creative thinking that makes the space unique and appealing. Look to updates like hybrid workstations and environment ergonomics, amenities like snacks and stress management services, and spatial design that connects people and facilitates a seamless workflow. Making the space into a multi-use property by incorporating daycare for children and pets, laundry, specialty markets, and more will draw workers away from home and entice them into the office. By using ideas like this, companies allow employees to have it all, without compromising either work life or home life. The result of these new, better corporate facilities? A passionate workforce, enthusiastic about coming to work every day.

Are you ready to move forward into something new and better? Whether you’re building or remodeling your corporate facilities, or you need corporate relocation services, trust Reliant Group, Inc. to get the job done. We specialize in commercial moving, furniture installation, and procurement, secured storage, managed network services with procurement and asset management with logistics and FF&E services. One of the few companies providing all these services in Puget Sound, we can provide you with one call, one contact solutions. Contact us to learn more or call 206-575-6727 to schedule a consultation.