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A corporate relocation is a complex and multifaceted operation. Whether you’re planning a local or international corporate relocation, it’s important to understand that the enthusiastic, engaged, proactive participation of your employees will play a large part in its success. For that reason, when you’re looking for corporate relocation services, you must find a partner who can be trusted with not only your technology and assets but also your people. Here, we offer some tips for making your corporate relocation easier on the employees you count on to keep your company running smoothly.

  • Get your team excited about the new location. Provide your employees with as much information as you can about the new city, offering them information on neighborhoods, the climate, and other pertinent facts. Ideally, send them out to the new location for a visit so that they can get a feel for the city and start getting excited about the future. It’s also helpful to have a brief compiled by your legal team or HR about the elements of the move that are tax-deductible.
  • Make sure the corporate relocation package details are perfectly clear. Typical relocation packages cover costs in one of four ways: reimbursement, direct billing, lump sum, or third-party relocation. Decide early on whether your employees moving costs will be covered partially or fully, and whether you’re going to handle things through a corporate relocation company. The more transparent you are with your staff, the easier it will be to foster trust.
  • Help your employees with their logistical needs. Moving is complicated, and there are many moving parts. Provide your employees with information about schools, childcare, especially if the move is occurring in the middle of a school year. Help them secure temporary housing, whether by arranging the lodging for them or providing them with a list of options.
  • Take the little details off of the employees’ to-do lists. Mundane tasks like setting up bank accounts, transferring health insurance, and managing driver’s license and vehicle registration changes can be a nuisance, so having your HR team offer assistance is a boon to your employees.
  • Make your life easier with a corporate relocation company. Look for the best corporate relocation companies in your area, and choose one that is experienced, reputable, and experienced. You and your staff need to be confident that equipment, files, and personal belongings will all arrive at the designated location on time, and undamaged, with an expert crew ready to configure the new office space.

When you need corporate relocation services, trust Reliant Group, Inc. to make it easier. We specialize in commercial moving, furniture installation, and procurement, secured storage, managed network services with procurement and asset management with logistics and FF&E services. One of the few companies providing all these services in Puget Sound, we can provide you with one call, one contact solutions. Contact us to learn more or call 206-575-6727 to schedule a consultation.