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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every aspect of life, and the office is one of the places we’ve seen major changes. For offices that have sent employees home and reopened or relocated, there’s both a challenge and an opportunity ahead. How will you configure your office furniture in a way that’s safe, healthy, and appealing?

  • First, the layout of your space will be different than it was before. Desks will be further apart, chairs will be removed from conference tables to promote physical distancing, and cubicles may need to be reconfigured to comply with CDC guidelines. The best way to manage these changes is to hire a professional space planner and furniture installers who know how to best arrange your workspace.
  • You may need to facilitate the acquisition of home office furniture. As more employees are working remotely, many employers are deciding to subsidize their workers’ home offices. Of course, employees are often left to their own devices as to where that furniture comes from, whether that means shopping at a national office furniture chain, buying online, or purchasing discount office furniture. Some are even choosing used office furniture, repurposed for their own needs. The average stipend for home office supplies is around $1000 currently.
  • The office will need to be geared toward health and safety. New filtration systems, hand sanitizing stations, remote check-ins, and physical barriers between employees are all on the menu for the new and improved office space, now with fewer germs and viruses. Many employers are moving away from individual desks because it’s easier for cleaning crews to sanitize desks that are free from personal items.
  • Technology will need to work with the “new normal”. This means reimagining spaces to make room for both in-person and remote workers, working to create a seamless connection between the in-office and work from home experiences. 360-degree conference rooms, live streams, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are all options being utilized to improve workflow and processes while still allowing people to work where they’re comfortable.

One important element of configuring your new office is finding professional office furniture installation in keeping with the post-pandemic mindset. At Reliant Group, Inc, we have the solutions you need. We’ll furnish your office with modern office furniture designed with antimicrobial fabrics and materials, space the desks to promote physical distancing, help you incorporate technology that facilitates remote working, and install floor-to-ceiling plexiglass dividers to help reduce the transmission of viruses and other illnesses.

If you’re looking to install office furniture near Des Moines, WA, trust Reliant Group, Inc. to get the job done. We specialize in commercial moving, furniture installation, and procurement, secured storage, managed network services with procurement and asset management with logistics and FF&E services. One of the few companies providing all these services in Puget Sound, we can provide you with one call, one contact solutions. Contact us to learn more or call 206-575-6727 to schedule a consultation.