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Typically, a discussion about modern office design focuses on office design trends that are often superficial in nature. Post-COVID, the game has changed. A renewed focus on health and safety is at the heart of many office design ideas now. What does it mean for your business? Here are some reconfiguration suggestions to bring your workspace up to speed.

  • Technology needs to embrace remote workers as well as in-person employees. As we’ve seen overall these months of remote working, it can be an efficacious way to boost productivity. It can also be a perk for your recruitment toolbox and reduce your company’s overhead. However, working in the same space boosts camaraderie between coworkers, promoting teamwork and reinforcing the corporate culture. Since there are benefits to each, the smart choice is to balance the two, providing flexibility for workers to sometimes go remote. To facilitate this, companies must invest in workplace technology, including things like laptops or tablets and videoconferencing rooms.
  • Health and sanitation must be a central focus. Hygiene must be part of the corporate culture, and organizations need to take any measures necessary to make this easier. This could mean extra sinks in the bathrooms, kitchens, and breakrooms and multiple hand sanitizing stations. It absolutely means improving sanitation in the office, including having all of the surfaces sanitized each night. Many companies are doing away with assigned seating; it’s easier for desks without personal items to be cleaned. Companies are also installing plastic barriers between desks.
  • Modern office design incorporates open layouts and social distancing. Desk pods allow employees to collaborate so that they can embrace teamwork while maintaining distance. Desk distancing is an even more effective way to encourage distancing, using alternating desks and workspaces that face away from each other. Using smaller conference rooms with fewer chairs at the conference tables encourage people to keep their meetings small. In climates that permit it, outdoor offices are a great way to safely work together.
  • Touchless technology makes everyone feel safer. Hands-free, touch-free check-in points are becoming de rigueur, and we’re seeing more voice activation, artificial intelligence, and other hands-free measures being taken in offices.
  • Improved filtration and healthier office materials create a comfortable, safe environment. Smart materials that are low-maintenance, antimicrobial, and mold-resistant make for a healthier space, and companies are updating their HVAC systems with better filtration.

At Reliant Group, Inc., we’ve got fully certified installation crews who know how to properly set up your office space. We can help you create a unique working space with furnishings that suit your aesthetic sensibilities and help keep your space healthy and safe. No matter what you need, we’re here for you, specializing in commercial moving, furniture installation, and procurement, secured storage, managed network services with procurement and asset management with logistics and FF&E services. One of the few companies providing all these services in Puget Sound, we can provide you with one call, one contact solutions. Contact us or call 206-575-6727 to schedule a consultation.